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Update  as of September 1, 2022

Until further notice I will NO LONGER be taking on new clients or working on previous clients.


Covid Vaccine:

Due to unknown side effects, neurological and vascular complications and even death from the experimental Covid vaccine I will no longer be taking new clients who have been vaccinated. I will also no longer be doing massages or any direct work on people.  Distance healing will be a possibility in the future. Exposure by those vaccinated to those non vaccinated is causing viral "shedding" or "transmission" of what some are calling a spike protein. Many women are experiencing gynecological complications. Pzifer documents have stated (, 8.3.5,, and that there can be transmission through contact or air borne. With that being said, until there is a clearer understanding and the clinical trials of the experimental vaccine are completed, I must protect myself and the safety of my clients. Keeping my clients safe who have remained loyal through the years especially through Covid is of the utmost importance to me. Thank you for you understanding. 

Manual Therapy, Massage and Bowen Therapy
Natural Health Specialist and Massage Therapist
"You don't have to settle with pain and discomfort.  There is hope"

The human body is a beautifully fined tuned machine. My philosophy is that the body is not trying to destroy itself but is always in a perpetual state of working to maintain balance. In today's world that balance can be thrown off regularly. I am very unique in my approach at treating the body. I take the story of the client in to account when building a treatment plan. Everyone's story is different so treatments will be different between people and every session will be tailored to where you at the day you come in. We are always shifting and growing and your session must fit the expanding you. Many times people think of massage as being just the long flowing strokes but this is just one form of bodywork.  Depending on what is going on with the person will determine what type of therapy is needed. 

Bachelors of Science, Biology-Creighton University

Certified in Postural Neurology

Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2004

Holistic Health experience since 1996


"I love what I do and I love helping people, especially those who have given up hope. There is always an answer somewhere"


Image by Annie Spratt
Meet Laura

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Why Manual Therapy

Why Manual Therapy?

It can help with


A body in stress mode, flight or flight, will never fully heal or rejuvenate creating many problems in the body. Come in today and help your body reset its stress patterns and feel calmer and healthier.

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Plantar faciitis, Shoulder problems and many more.....

Be free from chronic and acute problems in the body from back pain, neck and shoulder issues, plantar fasciitis and much more.

TMJ Issues

One of the most important joints in the body. Related to many neurological and physical problems. Treatment for various problems like trigeminal neuralgia, lockjaw, Parkinsons general TMJ issues and much more.

Injuries-  Car, Sports or General

Injuries are bound to happen to anyone at anytime. Help speed up the recovery process and prevent future compensation patterns in the body from occuring. 

Intolerances- Emotional and physical allergies
Coming Soon!

Whether it is emotional or physical, reactions to our life and environment can show as intolerances in the body creating a state of imbalance. Come in today and set yourself free.


Life is hectic and many times the body just needs to relax and rejuvenate. 



I first went to see Laura about four years ago with a shoulder injury. All the information I was getting said I needed surgery but Laura fixed me up with her many techniques. Laura takes the time to find out exactly how she can help you and will do the research needed to ease any nagging pain you may have. She has helped with everything to back pain to plantar fasciitis. I highly recommend her whether you have an injury or just need a body tune up.

 Dale- Las Vegas, NV

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